With the aim of being ready to offer to our customers an extra virgin oil with a superior quality and guaranteed phase sof transformation and  answering to the changed needs of the olive growers, we gradually and constantly modernize our olive oil mills, during the last 15 years.

We chose the machineries to guarantee the ideal mix between quality and performances to permit a prompt squeezing out of fresh olives to producers, respecting the characteristics and the exaltation of the quality of the oil. We wanted a wide, modern and simple location in order to meet the principles of neatness, order and tidiness.

Actually, the plant is composed of two different lines for the squeezing with two phase which permit to customers to squeeze oil with a traditional method or using a modern ad unique prototype created by the Camera di Commercio in Florence, the University of Folorence and other players.

The traditional line is made of a modern plant with a continuous cycle which can work 20 quintals of olives in one hour. The first step consists in removing leaves and in washing olives which are then squeezed out without a warming of the dough. After the squeezing, the olive dough passes in a closed gramola where, with a mechanical procedure, the oil molecoles start to separate from the pomace; this operation is made in a short time in order to avoid oxidation and possible fermentations, monitoring the dough temperature which never exceed the 22 °C.   For the next separation of the oil from the pomaces, we use a two phases decanter, without the use of water, which permits to extract an oil richer in essential and noble components, such as vitamins and polifenoli. Moreover, it permits to obtain liquid pomace which is launched to a Bio digestore for the transformation in bio gas for the production of electricity, after the extration of the pit to obtain  the nocciolino for the combustion.

The oil extracted from the decanter is refined with a centrifugal separator to remove eventual solid and watery residuals.

The high tecnology  “Oleotekinnova” line is realized to work 5/6 quintals of olives in one hour, and thanks to new innovative technologies, it permits to optimize all the extraction processes in order to maximize the extraction of the anti-oxidant natural properties of the oil (polifenoli), two or three more than the contain of an oil extracted with traditional methods.